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Description for Robinair
  • The 9055 Programmable Refrigerant Meter allows you to quickly, efficiently and automatically charge refrigerant into, or recover refrigerant from, any air conditioning or refrigeration system. It is the most accurate and cost effective method of dispensing refrigerant.
  • Three display modes - Lbs./oz.; Decimal Lbs.; Kilograms
  • Allows automatic Charging or Recovery operations
  • Color-coded keypad controls
  • Very High Resolution - 0.2 oz./0.010 Lbs./4 grams
  • Can be used with all refrigerants
  • Advanced Charge and Recovery Modes - uses tare weight & Max. capacity of cylinder to calculate maximum Charge/Recovery available
  • User Programmable memory for up to 99 different stored values
  • 'Repeat" charge feature
  • Removable platform and control box with prop stand/hanging hook
  • Compact Design - completely portable, battery powered
  • Low battery indicators
  • The Advanced Charge and Recovery Modes calculate the maximum Charge/Recovery available for you by taking into consideration the cylinder tare weight and the maximum weight capacity of the tank.
  • Self powered by four "AA" and one 9V battery; the 9055 is completely portable and with a weight capacity of up to 220 Lbs. or 100 kg, it is capable of handling a wide range of cylinders, including recovery/recharge tanks.
  • The unit includes both 1/4" external Flare fittings and 1/2" ACME fittings to allow connection to all standard charging manifolds and all types of refrigerant cylinders. The 500 psi rating of the solenoid valve is compatible with, and capable of handling, all common refrigerants.
  • The keypad is color-coded and along with audible tones, permits simple operation. Whenever an acceptable or affirmative key is pressed, a positive, high frequency beep is heard. Unacceptable or incorrect key presses are accompanied by a lower frequency sound, alerting the user that an entry was made in error.
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